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If you watch enough TV shows, you may believe that self storage is nothing more than a place where people’s stuff goes to collect dust until it’s bought up at auction. It turns out that this is not really the case. Storage units for our belongings are not a new thing & actually prove to be quite useful when our lives take a little bit of an unexpected turn.

This isn’t to say that we all don’t have plenty of things in our homes that we really don’t need. After all, it’s safe to say that the world as a whole has a ‘stuff’ problem. There’s no room in our homes. We’ve put all that we can in our garages, and for some of us, we’ve maxed out our backyard storage units. Still, the ‘stuff’ persists & we need more room. Hence, we look to self storage as a solution.

But life is fun in that it never quite works out the way we want it to, right? No matter what plans we have in place, somehow, things just ‘happen’. And with these things just happening, more ‘stuff’ comes along for the ride. For example:


Whether it’s the passing of a distant relative, a spouse, sibling, or parent, when someone passes away, you can come away with more things in your possession than you started. You may have had things left to you in a will, been gifted things by a loved one who thought it would be the right thing to do. Heck, you may have helped clean out someone’s home & come away with stuff as a consolation prize/payment for your assistance. Either way, you now have to account for more things than you had before, and it’s likely you don’t have space for them.


As relationships end, there’s always a need to figure out who gets what when it comes to the things acquired. Even if you’re the one in the relationship who gets the ‘short end’, you still get stuff but you may not have a place to live for a bit. The best course of action to store your stuff as you sort out your living arrangement is to get some self storage, even if on a temporary basis.

Job Transfer

Moving for work, whether across town or across the country, can sometimes happen from one moment to the next. You don’t always have time to think about what your next move will be, but the promotion is too good to pass up. But what about your apartment/home & your belongings? They may not be able to come with you just yet, but you need time to think about what you need in this new phase of life. Give yourself a minute by storing it for a bit. This way, make your move, think things through, and make decisions as needed. 


When two people get married, it usually means that someone’s stuff has got to go. But what if you’ve grown attached to some of these things? If you’re not ready to sell, donate, or trash this stuff, why not store it? This way, you can buy some time & think about what might be able to make it back into your new home together with your new significant other.


Maybe you looked around & realized that you’ve got way too much stuff for no reason. You want a smaller home or maybe an apartment is a better option. Some folks have chosen to move back in with their parents to save some money, but their stuff needs to be somewhere. For many, the easiest, and best, solution is self storage until a more ‘final’ decision on what the future holds can be made.

Life has a funny way of showing us that making plans doesn’t always work out. But that’s OK so long as you’ve got a great option like self storage. It may not be an be-all-end-all, but it’s the right call when you need a moment to step back & get your head together.

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