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Our country has a stuff problem in that we love things & can’t get enough of them. In fact, Americans own so much stuff that we’re losing space in our homes to hold it all. This is why many have turned to self-storage units, with particular interest in climate controlled storage. Most people figure that if they’re going to store what they feel are important items, they should be kept in an ideal environment. While the sentiment & reasoning seems logical, it does make one consider whether or not it’s worth it.

Storing important belongings in a climate-controlled unit is a step taken to ensure the physical integrity of said item is not compromised. For those individuals who deal in pricey antique items or even serve as executors to estates, the integrity of an item is crucial & carries a lot of weight. As noted before, though, many homes have already reached maximum capacity in terms of storage, so having an off-site storage option is very handy.

Just what kind of things can benefit from climate-controlled storage? Actually, quite a few. For example:


Estate documents, utilities & other financial records, and even documentary items like diplomas & licenses fall into this category. Paperwork can be quite sensitive to environmental changes, even when in a home. Being able to maintain a steady climate keeps degradation at bay.


If you’ve ever seen wine cellars, they operate under the fine tuning of light AND temperature. Collections of prized wine vintages can be destroyed if stored incorrectly. Aside from climate, be sure to protect the bottles themselves so that they don’t run a risk of breaking (which would be a whole other issue).


While much of the modern world has turned to digital photographs for record keeping, there are still a massive amount of physical photos out there. Moreover, families prize these photos as heirlooms & documentation of a family genealogy. Buying dependable photo albums is getting tougher to do. Maintaining a steady climate is a major step in keeping pictures intact for generations.


Because of the materials used in the construction of furniture, issues with cracking, warping, discoloration, and the onset of mildew can destroy what might be a prized family possession. Warding off things like excess moisture & high temperatures is much easier with a climate-controlled storage unit.


Old-school media like record players, tape decks, and even VHS players are having a moment. So, too, are things like vinyl records, cassettes, and the big stereo equipment of yesteryear. Protecting the sensitive build & components of this kind of equipment will be paramount to retaining their value over time.

To be honest, putting together a list of items that could benefit from climate controlled storage would be pretty exhaustive. For some folks, all they’re really looking for is somewhere to put their extra ‘stuff’. Keeping the climate in check may not be a priority. 

Still, when considering a storage solution, ask yourself if the items you’re planning on stowing away could be damaged by moisture, dust, or extreme temperatures. With most people using self-storage units for years at a time, the likelihood of something happening to your belongings is high. As such, climate-controlled storage may be the way to go.  

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