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In case you missed it, we have become a generation who loves stuff. It’s this love of stuff that has caused us to be overrun with things in our living spaces, leading to discussions about the need for climate controlled storage. Ask around, and you’ll find numerous people who have turned MULTIPLE spare rooms into storage because of the sheer number of belongings they have.

But as overwhelming as having the stuff can be, it’s actually tougher to convince ourselves that we: 1) don’t need it & should part with it; 2) might be compensating for something bigger than the stuff itself; and (this is a biggie as well) 3) can keep it all BUT need to find a better place for it all. The latter is worth thinking about simply because a step has been taken to free up space. The problem arises when a storage solution becomes a new thing to obsess over.

How big a storage unit should you secure? Do you need access to the unit 24/7 or not? Are you willing to drive out to the sticks if it means saving monthly rent on a storage unit? While all great questions to think about, there’s still one question that’s worth asking — what TYPE of storage is best? Enter climate controlled storage. For the person who is very particular about their things & how they are maintained, a storage solution that gives you the ability to maintain things like temperature & humidity is huge.

Climate controlled storage isn’t a new thing. In fact, it’s been around for a number of years. How much it has improved is what’s worth exploring. Modern storage facilities are better able to keep these specialized units in better working condition even against the toughest climates. Hail, snow, extreme heat or bitter cold, today’s climate controlled storage is much more EXTRA than their predecessors.

While you can store just about anything in these storage units, there are certain items that absolutely need to be stored in a climate controlled space. These include (though aren’t limited to):

Bedding & Mattresses

Between the fine fabric weaves, batting, wool, and polyester, bedding & mattresses are prime targets for critters & general degrading of the materials in less-than-ideal environments. Even if your storage is only for a small period of time (e.g., moving between homes), storing this stuff the right way will make sure it stays in great condition.


Because all of our pictures & videos are on our phones now, we don’t think much about physical pictures…until we do. You may have family photos of loved ones who’ve passed away or maybe just great memories of college friends who road-tripped with disposable cameras. Either way, in the case of high humidity & major temperature swings, these irreplaceable items can be ruined. 


These can come in all shapes, but because of their age, environmental upheaval in a storage unit can destroy just about anything.

Books & Documents

Who doesn’t want their home making them look like a voracious reader & scholar? But books & important documents (e.g., maps, wills, family trees) can degrade over time. If you’re home’s humidity shifts a lot, all of these things can start aging prematurely or falling apart.

Vinyl Records

LPs are a thing again, but it’s possible you thought they were cool before everyone else. What’s more, you probably have a great vintage collection, including your family’s old vinyl. Aside from orienting albums the correct way so that they don’t warp, if you intend on keeping records in storage, you don’t want them to LITERALLy fold under the pressure of a bad storage environment.

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