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Aledo self storage is a little different than your standard storage option. You’re in Texas, which brings wide swings in temperatures, with the sweltering heat being most notable. Couple this with changes in humidity, and you’ve got the perfect conditions to wreak havoc on your stored possessions.

You need a self storage option that’s climate-controlled. This way, the things you hold dear will be in good hands even when you’re away. These might include:

Music Gear

If you or someone in your home is a musician, you’ve no doubt heard all manner of things regarding the construction of instruments. They are great tools for the trade, but they are also sensitive to their environments. The wrong kind of humidity or wild temperature swings with the changing of the seasons, and you’re likely to see some kind of degradation. With a climate-controlled storage unit in Aledo, TX, storing unused instruments, amplifiers, and the like is easy.

Family Heirlooms

Quite frankly, just about anything can be an heirloom. That said, even if there is no monetary value to an item, it can still carry some seriously sentimental consequence to your family. Be it art or antique furniture, you want to keep these things safe & secure. The ability to control the climate in a self storage unit in Aledo is invaluable because you know no matter where you are, the special items in your life are going to be OK.

Important Documents

We’ve heard it for years that far too often, folks toss out important paperwork they didn’t think they needed. But where do you put it all? What about documents that don’t belong to you, BUT you’re in charge of (e.g., estate info). You could go with your attic or basement, but the chances that these vital documents could start falling apart is higher than you think. Even a decent home office can have storage issues. The right climate-controlled self storage can keep documents safe AND keep the clutter out of your home.


Maybe you’re a audiophile who collects & enjoys vinyl records, 8-tracks, and cassettes. The problem is you just don’t have the room for all of your stuff. Instead of risking it getting damaged through shoddy, impromptu shelving or tossing stuff into old boxes, use a secure, 24hr accessible climate-controlled self storage unit to help get your collection organized.

Probably the best reason to utilize self storage in Aledo, TX is the simplest one — just to give you some breathing room. Store baby clothes you may use later, especially if you could use the room they’d take up. Use self storage in transition between moving so that you can assess what you need & what might be a good candidate for donating, selling, or giving away. 

Bearcat Self Storage of Aledo, TX gives you the extra space we all could use. Competitive pricing, security, convenience, climate control, and small to large unit availability are just some of what makes Bearcat Self Storage the perfect solution.

Aledo self storage is done right with the team at Bearcat Self Storage. See what makes them unique by calling today.