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A storage unit is just a storage unit, right? After all, we’ve all driven around & seen self-storage facilities pop-up everywhere, with many similar features between them. In the grand scheme of things, putting your extra stuff in any of them amounts to the same experience…right?

Actually, no. Storage units vary quite a bit, and while many facilities share similar features (even paint colors), it doesn’t mean that the folks behind the facility are running the best operation. When you consider the kind of stuff you plan on keeping in one of these units & the monthly rental you’ll be paying, the last thing you want to do is just pick any old storage unit.

Heck, think about how much time most folks spend online reading reviews about the best place to get a taco! Does it really make sense to invest significant amounts of time in a take-out order but not the best place to store sentimentally-important, if not valuable, belongings? Of course not.

You want to find the PERFECT storage unit. Here are a few tips to help:

Check Online Reviews

As with most things these days, checking out internet reviews are a good way to find out about a self-storage facility. Pro tip: don’t get bogged down with the good reviews. See where the low stars/ratings come from & the reasons why people weren’t happy. Even more important is to see how the facility responded to these reviews.

Assess Your Items

Are you storing furniture thats susceptible to damage from humidity? How about extreme heat or cold? You want to make sure that the things you plan on storing actually store well in the first place. It may be that you’ll need to look at a climate-controlled storage unit. This way, no matter how crazy the conditions outside get, your belongings are safe.

Measure Your Space

As part of your assessment, find out how well a certain space will actually work for the stuff you need to stow away. Self-storage facilities offer a wide range of unit sizes for just this reason. Go the extra mile & measure out your belongings in the fashion you will store them. This way, you have a plan for how things will go into the unit & you know things will fit.

Location of Storage

While some folks think of storage facilities as places where stuff gets put & forgotten, a lot of people want to be able to get to their belongings easily. Put together a general radius for how far you want to travel. That said, don’t rule out a place that’s exactly what you’re looking for but is outside the radius; it might be worth the drive.


Even if it’s just “stuff”, you want to know that when you store something, it’s being looked after. Whether that’s a security guard on the premises or camera monitoring 24hrs/day, there’s peace of mind knowing someone has an eye on your belongings.

A storage unit, especially one that is specifically outfitted for your storage needs, can be quite a blessing. It’s an ideal way to hang on to antique furniture, secure sports memorabilia, or just declutter your home. The key to a good storage unit experience is taking the time to find one that checks off all of the boxes (ha!) on your list of “must haves”.

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