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The self-storage industry has been experiencing a major boom in the last few years, which explains why it seems like so many storage sites have sprung up everywhere. So, how does a facility like Bearcat Self Storage has make a name for itself to stand out above the competition? Easy — they give their customers what they need & do it well.

Why Choose Bearcat Self Storage?

Providing a solid option for someone looking for self-storage isn’t rocket science, which means there is no reason to try and reinvent the wheel. Bearcat Self Storage knows that operating in Texas means serious heat, as well as wide swings of weather changes at any point of the year (Texas weather and all, right?). That’s why their climate-controlled units prove to be crucial in providing a regulated environment for your belongings.

Of course, feeling completely at ease with your possessions in storage is never easy. Luckily, Bearcat provides 24-hour surveillance and is equipped with indoor and outdoor cameras to keep watch on all movement.

Choosing the right storage facility is one thing. Making sure you’ve got a handle on how to pack things up for storage is another matter. Is there a right or wrong way to pack your belongings? In truth, it really depends on what you’re choosing to store and for how long.

Here are some tips to help:

Become Acquainted with Rules & Restrictions

Every self-storage facility has a set of rules & restrictions regarding the items to be stored in their units. Not only is it for the safety of their employees, but they’re looking out for your belongings & those of other individuals. Some of the more common items not allowed in a unit are things that are flammable or combustible, anything noted to be illegal in nature, and animals or things that may attract animals.

Clean All Belongings Well

It is important that before you store any of your belongings, be sure to clean everything so that it enters storage in optimal condition. Dust and other substances on surfaces can cause degradation over time even in a climate-controlled environment.

Make Plan of Action for Packing In Unit

In the same way you want to make a plan when packing up an apartment or other dwelling, you want to make a plan for the best way to put your stuff into a storage unit. Decide what items you may want easier access to in the front. Also, putting some sort of barrier between your belongings & the bare floor may be useful so as to provide a bit more air circulation.

Use Good Packing Materials

Making sure your belongings are as well-equipped as possible in storage starts with packing everything with the right materials. New, reinforced boxes with good integrity are worth the investment as an added precaution in case things shift unexpectedly. In the same vein, don’t forget bubble wrap. Also, beware using tarps as they can sometimes cause issues with moisture.

Disassemble Items Prior to Move

If you’ve got bigger furniture items that come in parts, taking them apart prior to storage is recommended. Quite often, items like mirrors attached to dressers can be weak points, and any significant stress can cause a break. 

What Makes Bearcat Self Storage Different?

The make-up of Bearcat Self Storage has kept user-friendliness in mind throughout the design, with 24-hour access & loading/unloading ease as significant features. They’re locally owned and operated, taking pride in weaving themselves into the fabric of the community.

Choosing to keep your belongings in storage is a major decision. For Bearcat Self Storage, it’s about providing the best service during a major life event. Whether you’re moving from one home to another or perhaps you’ve lost a loved one, Bearcat Self Storage knows that making sure your prized possessions are safe and well-cared for is everything.