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Top 20 Items That Need Climate Controlled Storage

Since not everyone has a lot of space to store items at home, it’s important to work closely with a storage facility. This way you can easily move the items you don’t use here and you can bring them back whenever you see fit. However, some items are sensitive and some might even require Climate Controlled Storage. But now you have the challenge, what can I store in a non Climate Controlled Storage unit? In this article you will find a quick list of items that actually need climate controlled storage and which you should move there right away.

What things need climate controlled storage?

  1. Collectibles are widely known for needing Climate Controlled Storage. Many of them are very sensitive and they can get damaged without staying in a properly vented and cooled environment.
  2. Sports equipment
  3. Household appliances can end up damaged if they deal with a lot of overheating and high temperatures
  4. Bicycles with leather sets can end up not doing that well, since the UV ray exposure can damage the leather beyond repair.
  5. Photographs are pieces of paper, so they are fragile and they will lose their color due to constant heat exposure.
  6. Wine also need Climate Controlled Storage, mainly because the bacteria and compounds inside can have a negative reaction when they are exposed to high temperatures
  7. The same thing happens with makeup and toiletries.
  8. Medications and medical supplies can lose their quality or efficiency if they encounter severe heat.
  9. Artworks also get damaged by sun exposure and the heat can end up causing major complications. They might even need major repairs, so it’s important to avoid that.
  10. Many clothing pieces can get damaged due to high temperatures or sun exposure too.
  11. Documents and business inventory need to be store in a cool environment in order to retain their current state
  12. Wooden furniture will crack, warp or rot if you expose it to moisture or UV rays. It makes sense to use a Climate Controlled unit for something like this.
  13. Gadgets also need a lot of care and attention, many of them won’t function if they end up dealing with moisture or overheating
  14. Old and even new media like vinyl records or DVD need additional, extra care like this.
  15. Musical instruments can end up damaged due to the same reasons listed above, so keeping them in Climate Controlled Storage is a priority.
  16. Your upholstery can also benefit from climate control, as it can get damaged otherwise.
  17. Items made of lace or leather are very sensitive and without Climate Control, they might end up getting damaged.
  18. Medals and Trophies
  19. Any type of electronics such as computers, printers, laptops and so on will get damaged by heat exposure or moisture.
  20. Mattresses can require Climate Controlled Storage because they can easily get damaged by a variety of factors.

As you can see, lots of items can benefit from Climate Controlled Storage, so it’s important to protect them adequately. Focus on getting the right storage solutions right away, and you will have no problem protecting your items in the long run!

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