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Climate is crucial! Whether you are in-between homes, want your garage back or just need additional space for some of your possessions, it’s important to consider climate controlled storage for all your personal items. Avoid what could be a sticky situation, save your sanity and your personal belongings with Bearcat Climate Controlled Self Storage units. At Bearcat, we have downright pleasant temperature and humidity levels.

Heat and humidity control is a game changer for residents of north Texas as heat and humidity can be the first thing to ruin irreplaceable items in your self storage unit. Go Bearcats!

Please review our list below of everyday storage items that may ruin due to Texas heat and humidity. Take note and beat the heat! Go Bearcats!

      1. Wood Furniture
        This is often our largest and most popular storage item as many people inherit these family heirlooms and can’t find room in their home for these precious pieces of the past. Excessive humidity can cause the wood to expand creating buckling and even cracks. Your inherited 146 year old flour cabinet from Great Grandma Dee? Ruined. She would be very disappointed. Avoid the guilty conscience and go for climate controlled storage at Bearcat Storage. Go Bearcats!


      1. Leather Furniture and Clothing
        In Texas we love our leather, we missed the memo on the vegan lifestyle and we’re still sporting leather boots, leather belts, leather wallets, and leather jackets all while we sit on our leather couch resting our dogs on the cowhide rug. You know what’s terrible for your fine leather? Oppressive humidity! Cows were not built to age well in the deep sea! Discoloration and mildew will set in and your leather will be forever changed. You’ll have to throw it out and live like a vegan from California. Stick to your guns, avoid PETA and be sure to get climate controlled storage at Bearcat Storage for all your fine leather furniture and fashionable leather clothing. Go Bearcats!


      1. Household Appliances
        Looking to store those Facebook MarketPlace appliances you got a great deal on? All your efforts to pay bottom dollar will go to waste in a storage unit without climate control. Mechanical parts in appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, and refrigerators can rust and even crack under the pressure of extreme heat and humidity. Don’t let your Facebook MarketPlace purchase be all for nothing. Get climate controlled storage at Bearcat Storage for all the appliances you get a great deal on. Go Bearcats!


      1. Special Collections
        Those baseball cards will be worth something someday. That’s why you need to be sure and keep them safe in a climate controlled storage unit at Bearcat Storage. Grandpappy’s coin collection will be paying for your great grandkids to go to college in 2082 when tuition costs will top out at 1.2 million a year. Prepare now. Save everything and be sure to get climate controlled storage units at Bearcat Storage. Go Bearcats!


    1. Wine
      Who are we kidding. Wine deserves its own storage blog. Go Bearcats!

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