Call Now For Deal of the Day and Other Specials

Not so long ago, I faced the task of having to find a place to store A LOT of new possessions that came my way unexpectedly. Now, truth be told, the first thing I thought of in terms of a quick solution was self storage near me. The problem, however, was that all I’d heard from neighbors & friends were horror stories about the issues they dealt with going this route. 

It was bad enough dealing with what felt like tons of new…things…without somewhere to put them. The last thing I wanted to do was get caught up in a storage facility nightmare. So, I started going through my options.

Everything Must Go!

First, I thought it might be best to sell it all. I didn’t pay anything for any of it, so any money that came from a quickie sale would be profit. But would it be best to have a garage/yard sale or maybe go through some kind of online marketplace? I experimented with trying to sell ONE piece of furniture, and after a DAYS-long price haggling back & forth via email, I was done.

(Possibly) Do Someone Else Some Good

Next, I thought about donating this stuff to a good cause. Even if I didn’t see a lot of worth in my new possessions, someone else might. Why not help them, help an organization make some scratch at the same time, and make some headway toward my taxes, right? Well, there was a matter of figuring out which organization to support. Then, I had to figure out which types of things they do & don’t take. There was also the matter getting a donation receipt put together. And so it went. Needless to say, the easy solution I anticipated turned out otherwise.

Checking Out the Housing Market

I was coming up short on other solutions real quick when I started to entertain the idea of getting more square footage in my home. How? By either expanding through construction or just buying a bigger home. Say what?!? Needless to say, no…

Either I Go or It Goes!

As a matter of last resort, I figured that I could just throw it all away. Clearly, I didn’t want this stuff and the longer it took for me to figure out a storage solution, the more I “really” didn’t want any of it. But in the end, this just didn’t seem right.

The RIGHT Call

Finally, when I’d exhausted every possibility, I realized that the RIGHT solution was my first one — self storage near me. But I knew it had to meet certain criteria: 1) I wanted to have 24hr access to these things; 2) the environment needed to be climate-controlled as I didn’t want anything to prematurely deteriorate; and 3) I didn’t want to spend an arm & a leg on monthly rental fees. 

As it turns out, the perfect storage solution was only a short drive from my home. It may be just stuff, but we all know it really is more than that. These things were left to me by someone who thought it was important for me to have them. Even if I part ways with some or all it down the line, the least I could do was find the best way to store everything properly as I made any final decisions.

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